Enter: SexyStyle – Part Four

Punching one post on top of another isn't something I'd normally do yet, here we are. I'm behind with regards to keeping these posts updated (Surprise, surprise) Four weeks ago I dropped the car to Nigel at Ace Motor Factors, who was kind enough to let me drop the car off on a bank holiday... Continue Reading →

Enter: SexyStyle – Part Three

I feel the last post on this series was much more of a blog-type post, much more personal in comparison to what I usually post. As I previously stated, I struggle to document a lot of my own work as I get focused on the task at hand and my dirt-soaked hands refuse to clean... Continue Reading →

Zero Drift Day: The Motivator

Motivation, sometimes, is a hard sought commodity, something that can elude even the most intelligent or wealthy of people. I was initially quite skeptical when Mick first hit me with this idea. A drift day, organised by ourselves.... 'If you want to organise it, you can put it under the name but its all on... Continue Reading →

Enter: SexyStyle – Part Two

The title may have given it away to most in the first iteration of this post but for those still unsure, I intend to clarify what 'SexyStyle' is, how I found out about it and why, amongst the sea of styles associated with S-Bodies, I've decided to chase this dream I've had for nearly 5... Continue Reading →

Diversify: Part Four – Sean Lai

I'm not sure if the s2000 is under-appreciated here or if its relatively high asking price with the Japanese import market is off-putting but, its definitely a chassis that we don't see enough of here. These photos were shot the same day as the previous three cars I've managed to capture in detail and post... Continue Reading →

Diversify: Part Three – Keith Byrne

I don't currently have the vocabulary to describe the sensations I feel when I see an old Corolla. That bang of raw 80's resonates from every part of the car and there's very little you can compare them too. I've started rattling through these features quicker than I anticipated, great stuff! Back story: This was... Continue Reading →

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