Silver Bullet

The game of social media in 2022 dictates that you need to conform to the rules. You need to have an account on every platform, make reels, have a TikTok account, stagger your posts so that you don't 'Blow the beans' and annoy people with too much rambling for fear of losing reach, engagement and... Continue Reading →

Ollie’s Four-Door R32 Skyline

On a recent trip to Longford for this years edition of Old School New School, I was keen to get to meet some people from an end of the country that I wouldnt frequent too often. With the price of fuel these days its not really feasible to travel the length of the country to... Continue Reading →

Realising A Dream – My 180sx

I've thought about this post for years. What would I say, what photos would I show, would I actually be happy with what was in front of me. Its still very much surreal that this is my car as I took it out across the beautiful Copper Coast during the week to snap some photos... Continue Reading →

Zero Team Cars & Coffee

A huge thank you to everyone who came out to our Cars & Coffee event this past Sunday at Signal Box in Waterford. Once again blessed by the weather gods, there was a nice eclectic mix of machinery on display with people coming from all corners of the country to hang out for a few... Continue Reading →

Zero Team: The BBQ ’21

Where do we go from here?! The question I asked myself at 11pm last Saturday night as I sat down with a can of Guinness and some of my closest friends to reflect on the day that was. Last years BBQ had to be dialed back slightly given everything that was happening in the world... Continue Reading →

Late Night Tidy

I haven’t been keeping this a secret for internet clout(Well maybe I was a small bit) but I wanted the car to be DONE DONE before I showed it off.Few late nights recently got us over the line thanks to Dave and to Tadgh for getting the last few niggles buttoned up and off the... Continue Reading →

Usable Power – The magic of driveability

The power of driveability is one of those hidden factors within the modified car community that really deserves more appreciation. Its something that, especially with the condition of most roads where I live, you could trade it like currency if you could bag it up! Theres big pressure these days from all sorts of angles,... Continue Reading →

A 20-Valve AE86

I've been around my fair share of Corollas. Old ones, new ones and even really old ones! But rarely do I show up to shoot one and someone just says 'Heres the keys, its got a full window, go wherever you want'. Lo and behold if you shoot enough cars, occassionally you'll run into an... Continue Reading →

Dubshed 2022

Clearly, I'm not an out and out VAG guy. That much is evident by looking at my previous posts over the course of the last 6 years. If you're looking for that kind of content consistently I'd happily point you in the direction of Barry or Ross' feeds where the appetite for German automobiles is... Continue Reading →

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