86 Fest ’20 Video

I've had this complete for a number of weeks but was unsure of the format and style I wanted to go with. This was also my first major day out with the DJI Ronin-M which requires plenty more practice before I get used to it entirely.I decided to split the video between paddock and track... Continue Reading →

Sean’s Milano Red DC5

I've known this DC5 for quite some time, having known both the previous and current owner. In immensely good condition when I saw it last year at a show in Longford, I was glad to know that Sean had purchased it as his first Honda. After recently getting the car insured, I organised to go... Continue Reading →

Fresh Out – Josh’s 180sx

With certain people, its easy to remember when you first met them. It probably boils down to finding some common ground or interest that both of you have and really branching out from there. I first met Josh at our trackday in Watergrasshill last year. He was one of the few people participating that I... Continue Reading →

Zero Team Produce 2020

Having initially provided some friends with a team hoody way back in 2014/15, I've often toyed with updating the design or adding multiple designs and colour options for a wider group of people. I've recently been working with a local company on some updated hoodies and they recently came into my possession so I was... Continue Reading →

Cars With Added Coffee

Any excuse to get out and shoot right? Normally, that would depend on the situation. The demographic of the attendees, the style or nature of the occasion and the weather are normally always factors in whether I'm going to get out of bed early and bring my camera somewhere. Cars & Coffee Limerick has been... Continue Reading →

The BBQ 2020

More impromptu than previous years, our annual BBQ, which is now in its fourth year was organised only recently between late July and early August. Not something I had intended on doing this year, the lifting of certain restrictions here in ireland meant hosting an outdoor event of this size wasn't a problem and it... Continue Reading →

Cars But No Coffee

First of all, it feels good to be back and whilst the last few months have allowed me great amounts of time to reminisce, review and improve my past work, it was nice to see some friendly faces. Our local cars and coffee event is normally a small, quiet event which occurs monthly in a... Continue Reading →

86 Fest ’19

The underdog, the little guy, the most fun car you can drive. All statements made about the AE86. What do they mean to most people? I've always struggled to pinpoint what makes the mighty Corolla so good, even after driving a number of variants, its hard to put your finger on it. Having not ever... Continue Reading →

The DC Skidz JZX90

Darren's cars have plastered the walls of this website and social media pages for years. Some of the most popular photos I've ever taken have been of his JZX81 and AE86 but when I first met Darren about 5 years ago he had just purchased this JZX90 in fairly standard guise. If you've ever met... Continue Reading →

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