A 20-Valve AE86

I've been around my fair share of Corollas. Old ones, new ones and even really old ones! But rarely do I show up to shoot one and someone just says 'Heres the keys, its got a full window, go wherever you want'. Lo and behold if you shoot enough cars, occassionally you'll run into an... Continue Reading →

Dubshed 2022

Clearly, I'm not an out and out VAG guy. That much is evident by looking at my previous posts over the course of the last 6 years. If you're looking for that kind of content consistently I'd happily point you in the direction of Barry or Ross' feeds where the appetite for German automobiles is... Continue Reading →

Trespassing: A JZX-81 On Air

I've not been posting here as much as I should, probably focusing too much of my time on YouTube and producing videos. But blogs are not dead (Long live the blog!) and I'm determined to contribute to that as much as ever. With the ever turbulent aura surrounding social-media, I feel an inevitable return to... Continue Reading →

Night Moves: Brandon’s Altezza

I was never afraid of the dark as a child but I was always weary of it. What lurked in those shadows or behind that street light? Was something from those movies my parents definitely shouldn't have let me watch following me home? You could say I, until now, have had the same hesitation regarding... Continue Reading →

Tadhg’s Two-Tone PS13

If Padre Pio could see us now! Managed to get together with Tadhg recently to snap some photos of his PS13 which was at our BBQ a couple of weeks ago. New TBO and BWave panels were sourced for this car not so long ago and Tadhg was able to get some spares as well... Continue Reading →

Belfast in two AE86s

A random message comes through on my phone 'Want to go to Belfast for the weekend for a meet?'....Keith isn't much for details at the best of times so a few texts later, I've got the gist of whats going on and we're booking into a hotel just outside Belfast for the weekend. Having never... Continue Reading →

At Long Last: Sean’s JZX81 MarkII

Did anything ever happen to you, where you've been through the scenario and results a millions times in your head previously and when you finally accomplish what you set out to achieve, the outcome is even better than what you had ever though of? Rarely does that happen, much of the time my expectations greatly... Continue Reading →

Catching Up: Evans EP70 Starlet

Feels like I'm late to the party on this one. Not because Evans Starlet has already featured on the hallowed pages of juiceboxforyou and Speedhunters, but because its like I haven't seen the fucker in years. It wasnt so long ago that I'd be fed up of the sight of him poking around the back... Continue Reading →

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