Drift Matsuri 2017

I feel like I needed to detail the reason myself and my friends have been making this journey for the last few years. I’ve tried stepping up the coverage every trip and the plan is to continue to do so as long as we’re going! If you haven’t been to this event yet then you’re probably missing out on one of the best drift events in Europe

So, in 2015 I boarded a ferry to Wales and after three hours of stomach churning madness and a twenty-minute drive, myself and some friends arrived at a place called Anglesey Circuit Trac-Mon, my unknown home for four days.


What we were thinking of when we agreed to go to coastal Wales in October is something I fail to remember. We had sourced a house for cheap money for the weekend and decided ‘F*ck it’ lets go!


We were totally unprepared for how cold it was going to be, in a strange place where the place names cant be pronounced and the people cant be understood.


Yet, I’ve made the exact same trip to Drift Matsuri for the last three years now and every year its felt more like home


Its probably become more of a pilgrimage now, every year we manage to bring a couple more friends, a few more interested in seeing what its all about


Its not somewhere I can really describe in words, its probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen and the fact they dumped a race track in the middle of it makes it even better


Whats Matsuri?!

That’s something I get asked quite and I don’t ever really know how to answer it. I mean, essentially its a two day drift event, across one circuit with three designated layouts and in the middle, they lob a Britain vs Ireland Night Drift competition followed by a massive p*ss up


I should probably leave it at that before I start talking about the path to enlightenment…..

Level Up

I’ve always been a firm believer that regardless of the application, that a car can and should look cool. I mean, at the end of the day its what differentiates you from everyone else


If you’re that way inclined, then what immediately hits you is the quality of the street cars that rock up to drift for the weekend


That’s not to say that the street cars in Ireland aren’t of an amazing standard, but things like better roads, lower motor tax rates and more relaxed roadworthy tests mean that the cars are lower, faster and way more aggressively modified in most cases


Its probably worth noting as well the friendliness of everyone at this event.


We spent Friday night walking the pits watching people unload their cars and chatted for hours with all sorts of characters


Including the man behind this awesome S80-Powered Audi. He was happy to pop the bonnet and give us a closer look all whilst we chatted endless amounts of sh*t


And the man who maintains the 1UZ Turbo Powered AE86, to name but a few

The Tri-Colour was well represented for the weekend with Wez from WKD bringing a whole truck of competitors


There was also the matter of our adopted countryman at this event for the last number of years, William Rose


The sheer variety of car is whats really noticeable, maybe its more evident coming from an S-Chassis, JZX flooded environment but there appears to be no limitations on what some guys are willing to try and drift


This MK2 Escort for instance, has an SR20DET installed!


Looking back, this event is only going to get bigger and better over the next five to ten years


I’m sure we’ll be bringing more bodies on the journey next year!



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