Street Style 180sx

The blog is dead, long live the blog.

Most of the time, this site doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Aside from my Instagram, its the oldest and most detailed archive of my work, which is why I’ve kept adding to the site over the years. That and the fact that social media, is going to shit itself at some point and I fully intend on capitalizing upon this by having a plethora of posts to go back on and reflect on the progress of my work.

My thoughts on the future aside, I’ve been busy moving continent, adjusting to a new life and as I’ve previously stated elsewhere, ZeroTeamMedia is currently more of a side project as opposed to the fully focused beast that it was over the last two years.

I was, thankfully, afforded the opportunity to get in some last minute shoots with people before I set sail for new lands. For all those mad bastards who keep their sporty machines on the road all year round, I tip my hat to you because its not something I could do! (Love the use of these test stickers that I had made up btw).

I had a number of people on my mind that I wanted to catch up with before I fled for even colder weather. Andrew(@andrewbzr) being one of those people. Deciding to kill two birds with one stone I hit up Nathan(@Bvtchxrxd) and legged it up the country to the almighty Mullingar in some of the coldest weather we’d seen in years.

With temperatures well in the minus we arrived(barely) after way too many sketchy back roads in a borrowed Golf courtesy of Nathans dad(heated seats are a blessing ). Andrews place always has an abundance of cool shit just lying around. Glanzas, Levins, Starlets and even a few Corolla parts if you know the right ditch to look in!

Luckily, Andrew had fired up the keg stove in the garage and it took us a while to move away from the wall as it glowed bright orange, that sweet sweet heat was something I was trying to cling on to for most of the evening. Alas, we were here to shoot and the longer we waited, the greater the odds that the small country pub attached to the side of Nathans house was going to be closed. There’s not a lot that will come between me and a pint of Guinness so off we shot, into the darkness.

Some of the younger or more southern based readers may not know that in the back hole of nowhere in the west of Ireland sits the rural town of Knock. Knock has two major things, an airport and a gigantic church. It may have the largest church(Basilica) I’ve ever seen along with the most stores dedicated to later-day saints per square kilometer in the world.

Nineties S-Chassis’ and Sunday mass goers however, are polar opposites and not the best of friends, so we opted to make moves towards the airport in the hopes of finding some deliciously white street lights which we did(and didn’t) find. Having searched the nearby business parks with no luck, we parked up right outside the entrance to the airport carpark with some local knowledge telling us that the last flight out is 6pm everyday.

Having gotten the car situated outside the barriers I started shooting some clips, when all of a sudden I hear a loud ‘Are ye alright there lads?!’ coming from behind me. Turning around, I don’t immediately see anybody which, when you’re in the middle of nowhere in the dark, has that ominous feeling that grips the inside of your stomach. Turning around, the voice gets louder ‘Whats the problem?!’

Its only then that, a bunch of grown men currently shitting themselves, realised that the barrier blocking the carpark had a small speaker built into it and we had disturbed the donut-consuming security guard from arguably the worlds easiest job. Having explained that we were just hanging out, the donut consumption resumed and we were left to our own devices.

I should probably go over some specs of the car for those of you dedicated enough to read as much waffle as I’ve just sprouted. Myself and Andrew are very similar when it comes to building out a car. Our love for Toyotas and Nissans aside, we both feel that a car should have the right aesthetic parts attached whilst also housing the ability to go ‘fast’ and make the right noises.

Having a good base car was something that this S13 always was, so collecting period correct exterior parts and performance upgrades was the focus, instead of having to correct any rust or decay. WRC controls was left in charge of designing a wiring harness to power the ECU Master brain, whilst AP Performance delivered some engine upgrades making a cool 350+ horsepower.

Hydra Dynamics worked his magic on the intercooler piping and exhaust, making me once again jealous, that I don’t live closer to James so he could do all my fab work, the man is all sorts of talented. There’s plenty of room up front for the added lock with this chassis sporting tubbed front wheel wells. Andrew has fashionably donned the tubs with a host of stickers from companies who’s parts are featured on the car.

The stand out feature of this car, aside from the tablet displaying the cars vital signs, is the bonnet that isn’t on display here. The ‘party’ bonnet as Sully has affectionately christened it, is the result of what happens when you let me go balls-out with the vinyl plotter. The glitter-clad piece is one of my finer creations and it instantly grabs your attention. There is also the standard white ‘hood’ shown here for when things need to be toned down like at local cars & coffee events.

This car, if you’ve never seen it in action, is no show pony and gets well used all-year round and in all conditions. Its the perfect example of what these cars can and should do.

In case you missed the video, you can watch it here:

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