Final Konnexion C33 Laurel

As happy as I am with the following photos you’re about to see. I will probably fail to describe correctly the sheer irishness of how myself and Scott eventually managed to get these shots of his C33. I’ve known of Scott since he owned an R32 a while back but had somehow or another never met him in person.

Whilst hes since moved on to owning an Evo, he more recently acquired this Laurel and spared no time in throwing a slew of parts in the direction of the car in order to make it his own. Still sporting some four-stud hubs, Stitch Evolution & CR Kai wheels were added in a chrome and polished combo. If you’ve seen any of the previous shoots on here, the devil is very much in the detail when it comes to shooting 90’s japanese sports cars.

Many of these cars sport funny looking components, body lines, interior features and whilst those things define each chassis, they do not define the car, the build, the person. Case & point, this car didn’t have the Laurel emblem on the bonnet when it was purchased and a new item was sourced for it. These emblems are designed to pivot backwards slightly in case something flings up from the road and hits it. Not something you’d ever notice unless it was pointed out you but it adds another layer to the car, another feature to speak about in conversation.

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