Ollie’s Four-Door R32 Skyline

On a recent trip to Longford for this years edition of Old School New School, I was keen to get to meet some people from an end of the country that I wouldnt frequent too often. With the price of fuel these days its not really feasible to travel the length of the country to shoot one car but if I was already going to be in the area, then why not kill two birds with one stone?

Normally this is where I’d say, I put up the offer to shoot someones car on my Instagram story but having recently cut some vinyl for him, Ollie popped into my head as being in that general part of the country so after a quick conversation, it was agreed I’d call over Sunday after the show and grab some shots.

I’ve been following this car on the internet for a while, ever since I designed a livery for it that unfortunately, due to the incompetencies of the postman, never made it onto the car. A couple of track car designs later and I ran into this car on a random stage at the Donegal rally this year, which had marked it for me as something that I wanted to shoot at some point in time.

Couple of months later, we made it happen. Albeit, we were already on a bit of a time schedule as Ollie was an hour late for work by the time we got there!

I love picking peoples brains on things and seeing what makes them who they are. That may just sound like nonsense talk but your views and opinions on even automotive perspectives shapes who you are as a person and thats something that I love about meeting new people. You’re never gonna have the same conversation twice and you’ll never get the exact same personality.

The car makes for a really good street car, retaining driveability and some creature comforts like AC but still looks cool with a good stance on a 17-inch blend of Equip-05s and SSR Professors.

The interior has similar vibes, stocking the essentials like a flip-out radio and a Deep Corn Nardi but sporting some Jimmy Oakes goodies as well as some funky Status Error mats which were a cool surprise, something I hadn’t seen in some time.

I only noticed in post-production that this is an original Type-M car, having the buttons on the dash to lower the original chin spoiler at the front. If you’ve never seen that I’d implore you to look it up, its got a coolness that reeks of the late 80s when Nissan and Toyota threw all sorts of crazy tech shit at their higher spec’d models.

Check the video here:

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