Zero Team: The BBQ ’21

Where do we go from here?! The question I asked myself at 11pm last Saturday night as I sat down with a can of Guinness and some of my closest friends to reflect on the day that was.

Last years BBQ had to be dialed back slightly given everything that was happening in the world at that time but with the majority of people in Ireland now vaccinated against covid-19, we decided we’d open the gates of the shed to a few extra bodies and machines this year.

The response speaks for itself. People came from all over the country, from Roscommon and Wicklow and from over the road as well. The run up to the BBQ was an eventful and fun-filled one.

With the country opening up slightly to larger events now, we had been to Belfast in two of my favourite AE86s. You’ll also have seen the work gone into Seans JZX81 at this point as well.

Amongst lots of little random encounters such as Cars & Coffee Waterford making a nice return. Planning the event about 6 weeks out gave us plenty of time to prepare the yard for what I soon realised would be one of the biggest.

The question remains, ‘Where do we go from here?!’.

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