Dubshed 2022

Clearly, I’m not an out and out VAG guy. That much is evident by looking at my previous posts over the course of the last 6 years.

If you’re looking for that kind of content consistently I’d happily point you in the direction of Barry or Ross‘ feeds where the appetite for German automobiles is very much met on a regular basis.

But that’s not to say that I dislike this community. It’s very much the contrary.

Growing up in the south of Ireland there’s an eclectic mix of all sorts of car culture but it’s dominated by what I see as three main focal points.

1. People of a rallying disposition. Love Ford’s, Craig Breen and standing on ditches on Sundays with a warm flask of tea.

2. Japanese vehicle enthusiasts. Probably own something from Jimmy Up. Had a picture of an R32 GTR on their wall as a child. Spend late nights working on their overpriced and underpowered machine in the hopes of some day drifting it down the port.

3. German folk. Daily drove a decked mk3 golf to college but have since had numerous children and now drive around in a 2012 Passat Estate. Grew up in checkered t-shirts and Vans and loves to smoke the occasional billywifter.

Now personally, I’d plonk myself right in the epicentre of those 3 focal points, leaning maybe, ever so slightly in the direction of the Japanese Domestic Market (I grew up on an unhealthy diet of Toyota Corollas).

But I can appreciate all 3 areas of what I would deem to be the most popular elements of my local car culture.

Now rallying and VAG stuff doesn’t grace these pages too often. The people I hung out with and the places I’ve stored my cars over the years have gravitated me towards R32’s, S13’s, JZX’s and my personal adoration for B-Series Civics is something that will never die.

But I’ve come to realise that there’s many sub cultures of motoring out there that I havent interacted and involved myself with. Even in a tiny little place like Ireland.

Enter: Dubshed. A predominently VW show, held yearly in Northern Ireland where I would say the VAG & Stance stereotype is a little bit more healthy due to the influence of the UK scene.

My description of this show might have red flags written all over it but for me, thats definitely not the case. The way I see it, regardless of what sub-culture of automobiles you find yourself wrapped up in, you can always learn from other ones. Whether you like them or not.

So I spent two days walking around the 2 large halls and vast outdoor area learning, catching up with old friends, making some new ones. A properly well run event for something that hasnt happened since the big C.

Thoroughly enjoyable from the standpoint of someone who knows fuck all about Volkswagens.

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