Creamy, Creamy, Beemers: Brian’s E21

Being easily excitable is something I’m most definitely guilty of, especially when we’re talking race cars. So when Brian shot me a message saying he was painting his E21 track car and he wanted to do a livery I was quite content to help him out.

It was at that point, he forwarded me a screenshot of this image and my interests were instantly piqued. Long before teenagers with weak moustaches decided rollies and pints of stout were cool, the Guinness March F1 car was blazing an unknown trail of savagery across the world of motorsport liveries.

After a bit of back and forth we managed to come to an agreement on a design that best suited the classic angles of one of my favourite Bavarian boxes. Meanwhile, Brian was hard at work transforming the looks of the car which was once an army green type colour into the deep black machine you see here.

The bodykit the car now sports is actually from a MK3 Golf but its been heavily modified to suit the shark nose styling of the 3-series.

After lots of laughing and catching up we got into getting the vinyl onto the car. Brian being the laid back person that he is, we were able to work and have the craic and the whole job was pretty seamless and after a few hours it was done.

I’m a big advocate for making track cars look cool, even if they will inevitably get damaged in some way as presentation is more than half the battle in my opinion. Especially when you can be more aggressive in designs like this as opposed to a street car which deserves to be more subtle.

What I appreciated most about this whole process is that whilst the car now looks very serious, Brian still had the urge to squeeze some humour in there in the form of that rear spoiler sticker. Life really is too short for shit pints, which is a topic that will certainly bless a podcast episode, should I ever decide to go down that rabbithole.

Whilst it catches my eye, I’d love to know more info on that original Guinness March livery, how did a movie like Moulin Rouge manage to come on board?! There really isnt enough info about that car out there.

I said at the start of year that I wanted to start shooting stuff that wasn’t S-Chassis’ and 86s and this is a brilliant step in that direction. Its fair to say we paid homage to this livery by sinking some creamy beverages that night before returning the following day to shoot a video of the finished product which you can see here:

Big thanks to Brian for letting me design and produce this livery, it was really refreshing to do something different on a cool platform and to Brian B and Keith for helping, hanging out and partaking in some lovely delicious pints.

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