Trespassing: A JZX-81 On Air

I’ve not been posting here as much as I should, probably focusing too much of my time on YouTube and producing videos. But blogs are not dead (Long live the blog!) and I’m determined to contribute to that as much as ever. With the ever turbulent aura surrounding social-media, I feel an inevitable return to crusty-ass websites like this one for inspiration or to settle some kind of ill-advised bet.

Once again, this story starts with a trip up the west of Ireland to apply a livery I’d put together (I swore I’d stop doing them, honestly!). You’ll probably see that story after this one and it involved lots of Guinness, in more ways than one.

But of course, I put the shoutout on our IG story to see if anyone was in the Limerick area and wanted to get together to shoot and Tommy popped me up and said he’d be interested.

I shoot a lot of friends cars most of the time but the most exciting part of photographing cars is meeting the people behind the car. Figuring out why they like cars, why they bought what they did, what do they like about the chassis, what they dont like etc.

Not being overly familiar with Limerick City, I always find Google Maps to be of mild assistance but never to be trusted fully as was the case once again as I had picked out a ‘pedestrian carpark’ with a clock tower, down by the docks which upon arrival, had been closed off and was now laiden with 2 massive piles of scrap metal….lovely.

As we were entering the docks, we were met with a security cabin and barriers to which we kindly ignored as we raced in behind the car in front of us. Totally clueless as to where we were, we drove around slowly until we found the clock tower, now surrounded by two cranes and all of your mothers old washing machines.

Tommy rumbled in a few minutes later on what was a fairly crisp day so we kept the pleasantries to a minimum initially and got to work propping the car up in front of this huge crane, that, in hindsight, I really should’ve climbed up in order to grab some shots.

But given I thought we were trespassing and soon to be asked to leave, I decided not to tempt faith and focus on the simple stuff. Its fair to say most JZX-81s are good to look at it but this one didn’t need too much camera magic to make it look amazing.

Two-tone black over graphite with two Brides, a pair of Blitz-03s and some Work D9R is both classy and modern all at the same time but the cool factor gets blown into infinity when the car gets aired-out. Now if you asked me what I thought of air suspension 8-10 years ago I’d have gone on for hours about how it was ‘cheating’ and ‘fake lows’ etc etc.

But in my old age I’ve found an appreciation for it, especially in Ireland where the obnoxious sums of road tax we pay annually on our vehicles only goes towards resurfacing politicians driveways. If you’re in a country where the roads are lovely then its definitely still cheating….

Its cool to see stuff like this still on the road, especially in January when a lot of stuff is tucked away. You can watch the full video on our YouTube channel here:

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