Night Moves: Brandon’s Altezza

I was never afraid of the dark as a child but I was always weary of it. What lurked in those shadows or behind that street light? Was something from those movies my parents definitely shouldn’t have let me watch following me home?

You could say I, until now, have had the same hesitation regarding my photography. You’ll rarely have ever seen me shoot anything at night, only when it was a necessity and there was no alternative. Thats not to say anything was at fault or lacking, like equipment.

It was more so an inability to accept that darkness can be as much an aid as it can be a hinderance and as I mentioned at the start of this year, I’ve been trying to embrace different ways of shooting and being more open to ideas that I previously would’ve dismissed as being unlikeable or undesirable.

Well as most of you will know, trying to do anything during winter months in Ireland will inevitably involve being in darkness at some point, so when Brandon popped me up to say he’d be interested in getting together one November weekend as I was on my way to deliver the vinyl for Andrews Bonnet.

We managed to scope out the perfect spot at the University of Limerick on a night that was wet but still. The various lights in the area made for some interesting backdrops particularly the stadium lights in the shot above.

Its probably a topic for another day but the Altezza has a certain stigma in this part of the world that I feel is difficult for owners to shake. There are only a handful of cars that I feel transcend this stigma, Brandons car being one of those. Its a simple-ish recipe at the end of the day that many people seem to overlook, genuine wheels and a healthy drop, maybe chuck some carbon in there if you’re so inclined!

I’ll always appreciate shooting cool cars in interesting places, even if I am weary of the darkness ><

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