Sean’s Milano Red DC5

I’ve known this DC5 for quite some time, having known both the previous and current owner. In immensely good condition when I saw it last year at a show in Longford, I was glad to know that Sean had purchased it as his first Honda.

After recently getting the car insured, I organised to go snap some photos of it on a Sunday morning. The location was an old abandoned slate quarry that I had heard plenty about but had never been there previously.

The spot was surprisingly busy with traffic passing us on the way in but thankfully the spot wasn’t full up, with just a car and a couple of cyclists to worry about. Once they had cleared out we had the whole spot to ourselves with a couple of the lads tagging along for good measure (Cue Jamie purposely putting himself in frame like an asshole).

I was hoping to stay away from a green environment for this shoot as I rarely like how red cars look with green backgrounds. Alas, avoiding green is a difficult task in Ireland and after driving through a couple of locations, we eventually decided that this would be a good spot, regardless of our leafy surroundings.

As we drove to the location I was reminded how good looking these cars are. They aren’t nearly as raw as their predecessor, the DC2 but they ooze a more refined aggression that can be really appealing if you want a weekend warrior or a one and done daily.

Seans car in particular, sports that infamous K20 and with some mild breather mods like aftermarket filter and a Kakimoto exhaust that sounds amazing. A red interior boasted a set of Recaros but now features a Bride Zeta 2 in red also.

Handling is managed by Yellowspeed coilovers and the car sits on a freshly refurbed set of TE37s wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza RE070. A small spec sheet but a car such as this really only needs minute touches before it starts to unlock more potential.

Big thanks to Nathan for tagging along and picking up some of these photos ><

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