White On White – A Day out with two AE111s

As far as leaving things on the backburner goes, this whole get together was miles ahead of anything else on my To-Do list. So much so, that I was slightly embarrassed when I recently posted up asking did anyone in my locality want to grab some photos of their car and Sean popped me up saying he was available at the weekend.

I’ve known of Sean for a good few years having seen his E10 Corolla and AE111 Levin on some form of social media and we’ve conversed numerous times online about various topics or events but for some reason we’ve never ran into each other in person, which is unusual given our proximity to one another.

We decided that I’d call to his house to check out his Levin and have a chat and that one of his buddies, Brian, who also has an AE111 was going to come along too. After that, we would pick a local-ish location and go shoot some photos.

I should probably clarify that AE111s are mostly referred to in Ireland as ‘Levins’. Thats not to be confused with any of the AE86 variant of Levin and the AE111 was also available in a Trueno model.

These are the last cars to come out of Toyota sporting a 20-valve 4A-GE engine and given their older siblings (AE86) raging popularity, the majority of these cars have found themselves giving up their engines to 86s in search of more grunt.

With their scarceness becoming more and more each year, the opportunity to get two of these cars together is one that won’t present itself for much longer. So I was eager to capture the moment as much as possible.

As most of the arrangements seem to pan out, we arrived at a reasonable time and slowly but surely, the endless amount of shite we began talking greatly chewed away at those precious daylight hours.

Our visit did give me a good chance to have a look at Seans E10 Corolla, which I’ve been a fan of for some time and if the photos aren’t evident enough then theres a bit of a white theme, with Seans dad even getting in on the act in the shape of that Impreza wagon in the background and Seans Pajero which is something I regret not grabbing some photos of.

With the evening catching up on us, I suggested we move to a location where we could shoot both cars and really show off the slew of parts that Sean and Brian have gathered for their respective vehicles over the last few years.

Making a short trip to a local industrial park, we continued the conversation and got both cars next to each other and proceeded to get most of the shots you see here.

Both of these cars are in great condition with a wealth of Japanese-made parts. Seans car features Advan SA3R, Cusco roll cage, Bride Zeta 2 in red along with some ARC breather mods but the stand out piece is definitely the Dogfight Pro carbon bonnet which gives the car such an aggressive look.

Brians car, not to be left out, sports a Bomex front bumper and skirts, TRD rear spoiler and V-Glide rear lip with Enkei RPF-1 wheels topping off the well balanced design of car.

I’m happy I can finally share these images with everyone after such a long period of near misses and what should have beens. Its great to see that these cars are still being appreciated and not just considered a donor for older model Toyotas as these cars pack a real punch when setup correctly.

Thank you also to Nathan from Bvtchxrsqvad who was staying down over the weekend and captured some of these photos.

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