Zero Team Produce 2020

Having initially provided some friends with a team hoody way back in 2014/15, I’ve often toyed with updating the design or adding multiple designs and colour options for a wider group of people.

I’ve recently been working with a local company on some updated hoodies and they recently came into my possession so I was keen to dish them out to some of the lads and get some photos for everyone to see.

The results are what you see here, a much higher quality material was used this time around compared to the last batch of hoodies with JustHoods being the company of choice this time around.

This design is now available in two colourways, Heather Grey and Jet Black. I’d like to extend this range depending on the popularity of the design into various other colours and also T-Shirts, Hats etc. whilst continuing to provide a range of stickers through the store.

Feedback on the prototype models has been good so far. I’ve spent significant time mulling over different ideas and ultimately this design is a culmination of my thoughts with some contribution from the rest of the guys.

Feedback is always welcome as I believe its a key factor in personal improvement so please let me know what you think of the design and the quality, if you decide to buy one.

I’ll be sure to add a sticker of some sort if you should purchase a hoody or t-shirt. This release will operate under a two week pre-order, from Thursday 27th August to Thursday 10th September. Once the pre-order has ended I estimate all items will be shipped within 2-3 weeks.

Thanks also to Glenn and Phil for the modelling work. You boys stay beautiful ><

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