Cars With Added Coffee

Any excuse to get out and shoot right? Normally, that would depend on the situation. The demographic of the attendees, the style or nature of the occasion and the weather are normally always factors in whether I’m going to get out of bed early and bring my camera somewhere.

Cars & Coffee Limerick has been on my watchlist of events for a year or two. I first heard about it when I saw photos showing the high end cars that were regularly attending the event. Porches, Ferraris, Jaguar E-Types the list goes on and whilst those cars aren’t something that appear on these pages, they are definitely cars that interest me personally.

You can’t help but be in awe over such beautiful machines whether you like them or not, the sheer presence cars like that possess means they’re worth paying attention to.

But, thats probably not why you’re here. You’re probably here to see Brians S12, a Soarer or even a modified K11 Micra.

Having agreed with some of the guys that we were going to attend the event we made plans to meet them along the way at various points. We were then asked did we want to attend a little pre-meet get together by Barry and Dan which was held at their house not far from the main event.

As far as meet ups in housing estates go it was very entertaining with a wide variety of cars just lobbed all over the place which made for some great angles and photos. The neighbours also seemed to knock some fun out of this as there was a full blown car party going on right outside their doors.

Its been a long time since I was in such a large convoy of cars on their way to an event and the only thing better than being in any kind of classic/modified car is being in a group of them on the road. Its such a rare sight now that its hard not to get excited.

We arrived early to the event as some of the first attendees and had our choice of parking spots across the street from the coffee shop where a number of Porsches were already parked up.

Whilst everybody wiped the bugs from the car and Keith detailed his whole car (We drove through a lot of cow sh*t in Tipperary) I managed to snap a lot of cars arriving including these two RX-7s.

Once the top section of parking had filled up the event went from strength to strength and soon, the main section of the business park was thronged with cars of all shapes and sizes. I paid particular attention to this GTR wearing Rays Volk GT-P.

The variety was truly incredible from old Porsches and Saabs to Japanese Import vehicles and upwards as far as a new Cayman S and RS model Audi’s. Whilst I made my way through the various areas I spent lots of time chatting to various people that I ran into.

I guess thats the real benefit of getting out of bed early and making the trip to something of this nature. Meeting new friends, meeting old ones and enjoying the passion we have with likeminded folk.

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