The BBQ 2020

More impromptu than previous years, our annual BBQ, which is now in its fourth year was organised only recently between late July and early August.

Not something I had intended on doing this year, the lifting of certain restrictions here in ireland meant hosting an outdoor event of this size wasn’t a problem and it seems that many of our friends were itching to dust down their machines and enjoy the hot weather we’ve been experiencing.

Given last years large increase in attendance I assumed there would be a drop in numbers due to current circumstances but at the same time I was mindful of not over inviting and having too many people at the event.

This wasnt the case at all and the yard began filling up quite early with a convoy of cars arriving from Limerick, Wicklow and even Meath. This was quickly followed by some of our more localised friends who made a short trip from the otherside of the city.

As more and more cars arrived the energy just got better and better as people began to converse in different areas discussing wheel specs, car colours and any new parts or jobs since they last met.

Feeding time was soon upon us and whilst the start of these events are always the busiest with trying to organise cars and cooking food, I enjoy being able to offer everyone some grub as a thanks for coming to hang out with us once a year!

Its ony after that can I really relax and begin to talk to people and wander between different groups and just have the craic which, is really what the whole event is about. Regardless of the worlds current affairs, everyone has a life outside of cars. This oftens makes it quite difficult to catch up with our friends who may live far away or even just across the road.

That was really where the idea of this little get together stems from, just wanting to see our friends. The event is now at the right level from a space perspective but the content stemming from this years event has blown the last three years into obsolescence.

I’ve been fortunate to get to know a number of talented individuals over the last few years but more recently I’ve gotten to meet the Sweeney brothers, Barry and Dan (@barnone , @dan_auto) at a Limerick Cars & Coffee event. They also brought their friend Enda, who’s K11 Micra is pictured above.

Having enjoyed their content for the last while I extended them the invite to come down and hangout and their accounts are already budding with content from the event.

Its great to see such a wide array of cars on display, from classic to heavily modified and whilst the modified stuff is what I find myself shooting most frequently, I enjoy cars like my dads ’97 Corolla just as much and it was great to have him drive it out to have it on display for the day as well.

Thanks to all the boys for helping out throughout the day, to the owner of the premises as without his permission this event wouldn’t be possible and to everyone who came to hang, we really appreciate it!

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