Cars But No Coffee

First of all, it feels good to be back and whilst the last few months have allowed me great amounts of time to reminisce, review and improve my past work, it was nice to see some friendly faces.

Our local cars and coffee event is normally a small, quiet event which occurs monthly in a retail park not far from where I live. A gathering of people young and old it gives everyone a chance to wash their pride and joy and enjoy it amongst likeminded folk.

Early Sunday mornings really apeal to me. Its usually too early to attract some of the less desirable people in the car community, if the weathers good its a great way to end the week and being an avid coffee fan, I can enjoy two of my favourite things in unison.

Having endulged in a few cans too many last Saturday night, I had resigned myself to a Sunday of self pity, slumped across the couch ingesting some form of foreign cuisine, which would be paid for but not cooked by, yours truly.

With the event scheduled to start at 11.30, I arose from my alcohol induced slumber at a similar time to a couple messages claiming that an abnormally large crowd had assembled, three or four times the normal attendance.

With the remnants of last nights pizza still rattling around I decided to grab my 50mm lens and rush to the gathering in the hopes that the majority of the group would be still be there.

Arguably the greatest hangover cure, a large portion of the car park was still consumed with cars of an older and more seasoned variety. Everything from Mark II Escorts and Dodge pickup trucks to Tadgh’s Celsior that you see above.

The attendance was unprecedented for this event and the quality was very high with a lot of recognisable locals turning out to share some chatter and enjoy the healthy warm weather that we have been experiencing here in the south of Ireland.

Turnouts like these are pretty rare these days as the classic cars we know and love get rarer and increase in value, year on year. That mini in the background had a B-Series engine swap and had a great sound.

The rarer these scenarios become, the more I learn to appreciate them. I can’t imagine theres many places in the world that a Mark II Escort in such an aggressive guise can have a number plate and show up to a casual event legally.

Its always the impromptu and never the planned events that always end up producing the most joyous and pleasant experiences. Next time, can we just add coffee?

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