86Fest ’16

Further to the success of the 2015 event, 86 Fest ’16 was announced fairly quickly afterwards and once again, would feature a full house on a scorching day.

An early start is never an issue on this particular day as the gods always send good weather, at least for some of the day!

A similar show of hands along with some new additions, the turnout for this event is unrivalled across little green Ireland.

Combine that with new builds happening every year and you’re guaranteed to be treated to something you haven’t seen before.

As a side note, the KE70 Panel Van is my dream Toyota. Theres something about the number of door versus the size of the vehicle that just works. I’m going to say I’d put a 20-Valve 4AGE in it but I’d secretly K-Swap it!

I don’t think I signed on for media at this event, or I was very late to do so because a lot of the photos are static or outside the fencing.

One of a handful of outings for this V8 powered AE86 when it was in Darraghs ownership. I realise hes probably going to want all the photos I have of this now!

Not sure on the final numbers on this particular day but well north of 100 Corollas were once again in attendance. If you think thats a lot I suggest you hold off for the posts containing the next 3 years!

The 86 has worn every colour under the rainbow over the years and whilst the original colour schemes are still fan favourites, its hard to ignore some of the colours that emerge from bodyshops.

Red being an all-time favourite colour of mine, the former RYO demo 86 is top tier stuff! You have to love the Abflug seats as well.

As always, there was a fleet of non-Corolla Toyotas present.

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