Club Loose 2015

Whilst the recent post on the site from Tullow was the first time I took photos for this site, it wasn’t until a year or two later that I really started to take good photos of cars.

My edits at the time were still really bad, but around then I started to nail some static compositions and develop a style that you can still see in my photography now.

Even though the gear has changed since then, the style really hasn’t and I think I coined a lot of what you see today at the events you see here.

Club Loose Ireland was formed in 2015 and held its first two events in the same year. The idea was coined by Eric O’Sullivan who, having lived in the US for a number of years, fell for the laid-back, care-free style surrounding E-Town events.

The guys at Club Loose Ireland recently celebrated their fifth birthday and I thought theres no better way to thank them for the amazing things they’ve done for us here than to raid the archives.

Back to 2015 revokes a ton of memories from arriving, signing on and watching the cars get scrutineered and everyone getting setup.

Knowing very few drivers or spectators at the time allowed me to breeze through the paddock and casually photograph the event.

There was an air of curiousity throughout the morning as everyone wondered what way the event would pan out.

As with any new event, you’re not sure if its going to be successful or a bust.

Hindsight being the great thing that it is, these events would go on to define what I would consider to be a well run event and having attended a number of their more recent 2019 events they seem to have carried that positive and fun environment forward to their now more popular events.

Heres to more of these events in some different locations this year or next year but for now, enjoy the first two events from 2015.

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