The Diffwrecker ’86

You can file this under ‘Things I meant to do a while ago’.

This is something I’ve been looking forward to for some time, shooting this particular car. Taking no notice of it as I brush past it on a weekly basis to get to my own cars, you’d be forgiven for thinking I take this car for granted.

However, that couldn’t be more true. Ever since the car found its way into our unit at the start of this year, I’ve been pretty infatuated with this Corolla. The ride height, standard bumpers, the wheel choice, even the obnoxious door bars that make getting into it impossible for anyone over thirty.

Its also had an harsh year, having been completed in the months approaching our track day in May, the car only survived a few early laps before it was packed up for a engine issue, which turned out to be a bottom end problem.

It sat dormant for most of the summer until a new powerplant was purchased before 86 fest, at which point it came together remarkably quickly. The new heart, a lightly modded 16-valve 4A-GE came adorned in some HKS goodies. It was treated to some fresh seals, filters and an old school aftermarket ECU.

It was shoved into the car the week before the event and its first real test drive was when we drove it to the local church car park where I was reluctantly allowed to take these photos.

I love this car because it epitomizes the 80s Corolla. The right parts in the right places. Not overbuilt or overpowered in anyway it requires you to really drive the car and whilst your back won’t thank the door bars and your ears won’t thank the Trust DD it emits an energy that you’re unlikely to experience in any other car.

After getting some break-in laps on the morning of the event the car really opened up and came into its own for the afternoon and survived the day with the only blemish being a mild visit to the gravel trap.

I’ve created a video to coincide with these photos that I’ll be dropping next week, be sure to check out our YouTube channel to see the full video.

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