SexyStyle – Part Four

Punching one post on top of another isn’t something I’d normally do yet, here we are. I’m behind with regards to keeping these posts updated (Surprise, surprise)

Four weeks ago I dropped the car to Nigel at Ace Motor Factors, who was kind enough to let me drop the car off on a bank holiday and he immediately began working his magic on the car by repairing an awful repair job on the passenger side wheel-well, the boot floor as well as straightening all the seams on the underside of the car.

Seven days later and I was traveling back down to inspect the work done on the car and whilst I knew the guys were up to the task, I didn’t realise the extent to which they would go in order to make the car appear arguably brand new underneath

From the work done in the front wheel-well, where the guys cut out a section which had corroded due to a previous poor repair on a rusty brake pipe. They proceeded to weld in two fresh pieces, layering one over the other and spot-welding it just as it would have been done in the factory

To a non-structural section of my chassis leg which was bent out of shape when I bought the car, the guys covered all the bases and upon inspection, I think the car would have been doing well to look this good rolling out of Nissan in ’94

Dave was good enough to collect the car for me and paint it over the next couple of days and then dropped it back to me five days later. I forgot to mention that before he picked it up, that I called into him to decide on a colour to paint the engine bay

I’m not sure on the exact name but it resembles a Hyper Silver with some sparkle through it. It came out amazing and I’m really happy I went this route as I initially thought of spraying it the same colour as the exterior

The last week or so has been spent cleaning out the remaining medium from the blasting process, reinstalling my dash, roll cage and interior carpet. It may seem like there’s more important things to be done but I’m currently waiting for all of my suspension parts to be powdercoated so anything I can do now is something I don’t have to do later!

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