SexyStyle – Part Three

I feel the last post on this series was much more of a blog-type post, much more personal in comparison to what I usually post.

As I previously stated, I struggle to document a lot of my own work as I get focused on the task at hand and my dirt-soaked hands refuse to clean themselves in order to pick up my camera.

As a result of my incompetencies, I haven’t nearly as many photos of the strip down of the car as I, or anybody else, would like. I’d love to say that this ignorance stops now, but it probably won’t.

I write this as I prepare to have the car sent to Ace Motor Factors to have some very minor chassis corrosion repaired and to have the car fully undersealed, protecting it from the harsh elements we face here in Ireland. From there, I’m hoping to have the engine bay painted by Dave at Cardent.

Once the car has returned, the process of piecing it back together begins. I have most of what I need in order to put the car completely back together with just two major components left to arrive. Those being the clutch and a new manifold as what currently resides on the car could only be described as ‘Homemade’.

I’ll go into more detail regarding some of the bigger improvements I’m making to the car in another post but I felt an update was necessary to boost my motivation

An interesting story about the Bride seat in this photo. Having owned the car for a while, I decided to sell this seat and thats how I met Graham, a previous owner of the car, who bought the seat back from me for his GS300. He managed to fill in some gaps regarding the cars existence in Ireland for a couple years

I’ll be rapidly following this up with another post when the car returns to the garage but for now, enjoy some random photos I’ve found or been sent over the last number of years

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