SexyStyle – Part Two

The title may have given it away to most in the first iteration of this post but for those still unsure, I intend to clarify what ‘SexyStyle’ is, how I found out about it and why, amongst the sea of styles associated with S-Bodies, I’ve decided to chase this dream I’ve had for nearly 5 years.

I feel slightly guilty that, over a year after tearing the car apart, that I’ve done very little by way of documenting what I’ve done. For someone who takes quite a lot of photos and documents many facets of life, when it comes to working on cars I’m very much focused on what I need to do and photo or videography aren’t at the forefront of my mind.

In a way, I think its best to leave the camera at home sometimes and fully immerse yourself in the experience.

So, what is SexyStyle? SexyStyle is/was a line of low-slung bodykits designed for the Nissan 180sx and Mazda RX-7 FC by a group of Japanese drifters who ran under the name ‘SexyKnights’ back in the late 90’s/Early 00’s.

I remember seeing a magazine featuring these guys years ago thinking ‘Holy Sh*t’. These guys were maybe lesser known than the guys running BN SPORTS or G-Corporation but they had a really good driving style and they looked good doing it, whats not to like? I mean, I wish i could get away with wearing white pants like that….

I think most of these dudes are retired apart from the guy below, in the blue RX-7 (@Tomoya8586) and two other team members that I saw in a Noriyaro video from Nikko circuit a couple years ago (I’ll attach the link below if I can find it). I had never seen one of their kits for sale, assuming they had ceased production.

However, I found some guys in the states who were making the exact same kit and decided to hit them up to see if they could send me a kit. They agreed to send me the kit, uncut.

But, browsing RHDJapan one night I noticed a genuine SexyStyle kit for sale. I was pretty shocked as a number of resources had told me they couldn’t be gotten anymore.

After the longest sleep of my life, I was straight on the phone and had a deposit on the kit within the next few hours. This was in no small part, down to a number of people whom I owe many thanks.

Daren (@Darenmoy) and RoughSmoke (@Roughsmoke) for putting the pieces of the puzzle together and getting this thing to me in one piece they’ve allowed me to effectively live out a dream and run this kit on my car. That might seem like an excessive statement to most, but when you’ve envisioned something for long enough, once it becomes reality its still a bit surreal.

Awaiting its arrival from Japan took what felt like a lifetime but it was definitely the most important piece I had in mind for the refresh of the car

I have a small video of me unboxing the kit, which I’ll upload in the coming days but for now, enjoy the few photos I took of it taking up the whole kitchen.

Thanks to Advanced Footwork on Tumblr for most of these photos ><

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