Diversify – Sean Lai

I’m not sure if the s2000 is under-appreciated here or if its relatively high asking price with the Japanese import market is off-putting but, its definitely a chassis that we don’t see enough of here.

These photos were shot the same day as the previous three cars I’ve managed to capture in detail and post to the site. Arriving in Wicklow with two hours before sunset, I knew if we could time it right, these shots would be mega.

Sean messaged me as I arrived to let me know he was nearly done cleaning the car. As this is his daily driver, its constantly up and down the motorway to work, which is pretty rare these days but something I can surely appreciate.

Honda’s in ‘Taffeta’ or ‘Frost’ white just look awesome and this car is no exception. It was the perfect time to shoot this as midday had been exceptionally bright and the sunset really emphasizes the lines of the car.

Not the cleanest car I’ve ever shot but that makes this car arguably better in my opinion. I’d much prefer to see something that gets driven with a few battle scars in comparison to a concours version.

Some light modifications including an unknown exhaust system and Work wheels really add to the car but, the stand out performer has to be those Buddyclub rear lights. They only improve the already stylish lines of the rear of the car.

Up until this point, I underestimated this chassis slightly as I had seen many builds online over the years but you can’t truly appreciate one until you get to look around one in the flesh.

Sean was kind enough to let me take the car for a small rip around the block and whilst he had previously spoken about its fantastic driveability, driving the car really gave me a feel for how nimble these cars are.

An amazing day really when I reflect on it. To make so many new friends over the course of a few short hours is pretty inspiring. I hope to bring more of these features throughout 2019 and continuing to expand our friend base. Last year was definitely a year of huge progress on many fronts for us as a group of people and I hope for continued growth this year.

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