Diversify – Keith Byrne

I don’t currently have the vocabulary to describe the sensations I feel when I see an old Corolla. That bang of raw 80’s resonates from every part of the car and there’s very little you can compare them too.

I’ve started rattling through these features quicker than I anticipated, great stuff!

Back story: This was shot the same day as Part One and Two. This time I had no idea Keith was showing up so this was a real treat as I’ve taken multiple photos of this car particularly this year but I had never had a chance to meet Keith.

The menacing look of ‘Black over graphite’ cannot be denied. Its definitely up there for me with regards to the best colour combos ever to grace any vehicle. By the time you add those glorious red lines, you’re in different territory entirely.

86’s tend to be well modified in many way’s by the time they reach these shores but Keith informed me that this particular machine arrived in a very standard and untouched state back in 2014. He then started to put his mark on the car.

The car was treated to a full respray as well as plenty of arch work early on. A cusco cage in metallic blue was added and gives the chassis added rigidity.

Four Work Equip 40’s sit under those flared arches in a square 15×9 setup. Whilst Keith has sported multiple variations of older Japanese wheels over the last number of years I believe these wheels complete the car and leave it at the top table of this countries road-going Corolla’s.

A GoodLine front bumper really collaborates with the wheels and the colour of the car whilst a combination of TRD & MCN Coilovers get the car sitting at a nice ride height.

The car is currently powered by a 20-Valve 4AGE utilising a Freedom ECU for engine management. The engine runs some bolt-ons such as Yaris coilpacks and a Cusco 4 branch manifold.

The interior is a fantastic place to be and features a Nardi steering wheel, TRD gear knob, the previously mentioned Cusco cage, a hydraulic handbrake and checkered floor mats.

Keith is kept comfy by a Bride Brix seat.

For something that wasn’t meant to show up, I was really spoiled by getting to have a good look around this car. It was nice to meet a guy, who has similar ideologies about how these amazing cars should look.

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