SexyStyle – Part One

Well overdue. Those are the words best used to describe this post. I’ve managed to keep this quiet for a long time, only really confiding in close friends what plans I had for my 180sx when I declared it off the road at the end of the summer 2017.

When I bought this car in April 2016, I pulled it from a damp shed in Co. Tipperary. After agreeing to buy the vehicle, which had not been road legal for a number of years I set about getting it in a roadworthy condition.

Whilst there was a number of other S13’s available at the time in arguably a much more presentable state, the spec sheet of this vehicle is what really made me buy it.

Fully forged SR20DET built by Richard at Bradley Motorworks, Precision 6266, R33 brakes, RB25 Gearbox conversion, the list is expansive.

The car had clearly seen a lot of investment at some point in its life. I was keen to find out the who, what, when and why’s and it emerged not long after I bought the car that it was initially imported in 2007 and almost immediately purchased by Adrian Walsh who used it as a competition car in the Prodrift series in 08/09.

He told me that the car had been imported with plenty of goodies like a Power FC, A’Pexi turbo, aftermarket gauges. It was also running a large aftermarket wing, Blitz TechnoSpeed Z1’s and a HippoSleek front bumper.

There unfortunately, wasn’t much left of those Japanese goodies when the car came into my ownership, but it was as much as Adrian could offer me. It wasn’t until I decided to trade my Bride recliner for a fixed back that I was contacted by Graham, the third owner of the car here, who started to fill in three years of blanks.

Graham, being friendly with the guys at Bradley Motorworks had a lot of the engine work carried out and added a lot of bolt ons like uprated injectors and an external wastegate. At this stage, the car had lost its HippoSleek front bumper, something I’m still quiet upset about as I believe these are now a discontinued product.

Gone too were the Blitz TechnoSpeed Z1’s. Now a hard sought commodity, I wonder sometimes what became of them. As too, was the A’Pexi turbo in favour of the aforementioned Precision turbo that resides in the engine bay.

I could talk about the car for hours, its have’s and have not’s although its fair to say that, whilst it has vast amounts of potential, it is largely untapped aesthetically and the chassis as a whole needs plenty of attention before it truly represents my vision of what a car of this magnitude should look like.

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