Diversify – Evan Byrne

A couple of weeks ago I was dreading writing part one and now theres a part two? Jesus…

I actually occasionally hit hot spots where I absolutely love to write. I could spend hours writing about anything at all. But then I’ll hit a wall and not write for another couple of months and that’s down to a number of reasons.


Time being one, motivation being another. I’d love if I could just take photos that told the story instead. Maybe I should make videos, then I wouldn’t have to write anything?


Anyway, Diversify Part Two. I’ll set the scene. Its the same day that I shot Part One and more than likely the same day I shot Part Three (Apologies to Keith in advance if Part Three takes months to come out!).


It was one of the brightest days all year, the sun would shoot behind the clouds and come back even brighter moments later. A brilliant day for shooting anything that isn’t white!


Having initially touched base with James about shooting his car, a number of days later he sent me a message that read ‘Wanna shoot this as well?’… ‘Yep’.


I’d again seen a number of photos of Evan’s car and I think I saw it at a couple of days out in Mondello as well. My immediate reaction being ‘Jesus, that stands out’.


Now, if you’re not familiar, the whole Altezza/IS200 movement in Ireland is very Love/Hate. You’ll more than likely see them surrounded in a shroud of smoke at a crossroad late at night with the driver being the only man who still thinks it was good idea to straight pipe the exhaust.


But there are a select few, that I really like. This one, being one of them. If for no other reason than its unique.


BN Sports and CST Hyper Zeros tend to be a working recipe regardless of the chassis they appear on and they don’t disappoint here either.


The livery, again supplied by Stevie really just works against the deep blue of the car.


I’m a particular fan of those chrome window tints too!


The car is equipped with extended lock knuckles, rack spacers and also a Two-Way Differential. Some other modifications include a short shifter and a lightened flywheel.

A Bride Zeta drivers seat completed the interior whilst DC Coilovers give the car an aggressive look! Afterwards, I learned the car also runs neons so i might need to get back up to the see the guys in the evening to really appreciate this cars presence!

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