Diversify – James Farrell’s S14

A number of months ago, I extended an invite via our Instagram story, to anyone who wanted to get together and get some photos taken of their car.

It was probably the wrong time of the year here to suggest such a get together given the approaching weather and any impending excursion would more than likely
involve intense cold winds or dreary rain.

Apart from a certain need to stockpile content for the Winter here, a lot of this countries machines get parked away into sheds for hibernation and upgrades over the colder months as our roads becomes salty and treacherous.

I also felt I wanted to extend some branches to people who I had interactions with
on social media as I feel sometimes, the Irish as a people tend to stick to their friend groups and be content with sitting in a state of content.

It being such a small country, its easy to get out there and meet all these guys that we chat to online provided you add a dash of motivation and curiosity.


Enough of the explanations, I present to you James Farrell’s S14. One of the first guys to message me, I instantly knew the car as my buddy Stevie Rice had prepared
and applied the livery. Mick had also grabbed some photos of the car at JCC Car Show in Belfast earlier this year.


Sporting a whole array of top parts, I was keen to come shoot the car before dark evenings descended upon us. We arranged a date to meet up in a small town
that was close to both of us where James had picked out a particular spot that he wanted to have the car photographed.


Its easy to just see a lot of shiny stickers here but minus the wild livery, this car still possess’ great presence. Being an Ex-Demo car from Japan this car sports a BN SPORTS aero package minus the rear bumper which is from VERTEX. These parts are accompanied by canard and skirt extensions.


Wheels are WORK Euroline in 18×10.5 in the rear and SSR Minerva 18×10 up front. One of my favourite wheels ever made give this car added spice & flare.
A combination of Tein and D2 coilovers give the car that aggressive stance.


The DMAX boot spoiler and rear lights only add to the cultured personality this car oozes.


Just in case you think this car was built solely for looks, the spec list includes things like Oversized Wossner pistons, Brian Crower springs and retainers, Blitz front mount, ARC cooling panel with a T28 turbo.


Running 320bhp at 1.2 Bar, the car is quickly halted by a full R33 brake setup.


As you may see from some of the photos, James wasn’t the only one to show up that day. Another two features will follow on those respective cars
It sounds relatively simple, but getting out to meet James and his friends means theres another couple of guys we can hang with and at the end of
the day, thats what matters!

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