The N-Style Complex

There’s a struggle to contain your excitement when exposed to things that spark your interest. Maybe its reading your favourite section in the newspaper, seeing the latest smartphone or in the case of the majority reading here, cool cars.

Whether its the exhaust note, the wheels, the aero or maybe its just because its old and it gets lots of odd looks when it drives down the street.

My friend group, if you haven’t already guessed tends to locate themselves firmly in the middle of the Japanese import circle. Some of us have dabbled in Volkswagens when we were younger but inevitably found our way into Skylines, JZX’s, AE86’s or similar.

I’d like to think we’re a friendly enough bunch(Apart from Jamie, Jamie’s a c*nt) and as such we tend to meet a lot of interesting enthusiasts between buying, selling parts and especially through this particular medium, which is taking photos.

Cue, Barry and his JZX100 MKII. I initially caught some really quick photo’s of this car leaving Mondello early last year and got chatting to Barry about the car. One thing led to another and we ended up chatting at Festival Of Drift in Kilkenny where he was marshalling for the weekend.

I use the term ‘Marshalling’ loosely, he befriended Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg and both himself and his JZX were tasked with taxiing both FD drivers from the airport to The Hub on the outskirts of Kilkenny. There’s a number of stories involving Guinness and an excessive amount of whiskey’s but thats for another day.

The car itself was built and developed by a shop in Japan called N-Style Custom. If you’re not familiar with them, I suggest you check the highlighted link. They’re a shop built firmly on Toyotas both big and small. Well known for their low and stylish but functional drift and street cars they offer a range of FRP parts, most notably bolt on arches.

The arches are probably the most striking features on this JZX 100 along with the CST Hyper Zero wheels that fill them. The car also wears full aero by BN Sports, Quirke Autobody custom bumper extensions and a custom spoiler based on a VeilSide item. The vented bonnet sports a dark purple paint which really sets off the widened front end of the car.

The suspension game is handled by JIC Magic whilst much of the mechanical side of things remains standard apart from an uprated turbo elbow and some added boost. As evidence shows, even a standard JZ engine is capable of more than enough street power. Combine that with some bravery and some skill its up there with the more desirable street cars to have here in Ireland at the moment.

Barry and the car suit each other perfectly. They’re both great to have around but are capable of getting the job done. This car always gets us smiling for a number of reasons. Sometimes its the looks but most of the time its the dude behind the wheel.

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