Dressed In White

Honda’s are no strangers to these pages.

I love the rawness, the agility and the ability to give the big boys a scare. Most of these cars that inhabit this island sport heavy modifications, all the way from wheels to gutted and scarce interiors.

This particular vehicle however, leans towards the other end of the spectrum.

Ben’s impressive EK9 is something I’ve seen a handful of times previously and the attention to detail is something that really impresses me.

This car flirts with true OEM styling with a pair of Yokohama Advan AD08R’s up front the only thing that point towards more aggressive intentions.

Everything, right down to the brake calipers look & appear to be brand new.

Unfortunately, I’ve not had the opportunity nor the time to chat to Ben about what he’s done in his time as owner to achieve such a high level of quality with this car.

What I can confirm is that these photos, which I managed to capture in fading light, do this car no justice.

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