Auto Heroe’s Nineteen

Hangovers and Drifting aren’t something I’d normally put together. They Definitely are not compatible

I was lucky that I didn’t have to mix the two to obtain these shots from the latest installment of Auto Heroe’s which is in now in its 19th instance

Mick was ever so eager to get behind the lens of his recently purchased Nikon camera and did a nice job on getting some super shots

A self professed Toyota enthusiast he tends to catch some stuff that I’d normally miss or subject to the camera bin as nonsense. Not that either of these AE111’s wouldn’t catch the attention of a passer by

One recently finished Tom’s built car sporting some very edgy 90’s Aero and the other an ever present as one of my favourite Toyota’s on this little island, Conor’s immaculate Levin sporting Enkei RPF1

We’ve had a long winter here in Ireland, the longest one I can remember for quite some time so it was good to see all variety of machines emerge from their respective sheds and come shred


For the full album follow the picture link:

DSC_0082 (1)

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