Warm Vibes

The first get together of the year for me is always such a relief. It means bright evenings, roadtrips and cars coming out of Winter hibernation.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be large gathering, in fact in can be the exact opposite, like in this case here. No more than fifteen or twenty people in a local business park with their cars. Doing what they do best..chatting shit!

You might notice the significant upgrade in picture quality. Well that comes courtesy of a Canon 70D and in this instance, a tidy little 50mm which I’ve added to a whole new setup for the future. This should, result in better quality imagery and hopefully some videos that I can share with you all in the future!

Now, to what you see before you. Jamie very recently came into the ownership of this little red gem. A car you’ve probably seen under the ownership of Richie Ring is Jamie’s second Honda after initially catching the bug in the form of a Jordan Civic. As I’ve previously stated, its hard to ditch that lust for VTEC.

After your mind has stopped dribbling over that mesmerising Milano Red your attention may turn to the wheels which are a Wedsport product. TC005s I believe and in a very unusual but unique off white/cream, really give this car presence.

I was also informed that those wings are a modified Honda item which surprised me given the cleanliness of the job done in modifying them.

This car reinforces Jamie’s love for red as his previously featured E36 Compact is no stranger to these pages. I could’ve brought this car too 100 locations and kept shooting it as it is exceptional to look at.

With a Spoon N1 system running out of a Mugen manifold, coilovers and an array of suspension parts its lively in the corners although Jamie does intend to play with the rear dampening as the back end is overly rigid.

The interior follows a similar trend to the exterior where EK9 clocks and steering wheel have been fitted along with a trio of gauges which keep tabs on those all important temps. Red Recaro’s keep the driver planted whilst a B/C-Pillar brace provides some added rigidity and flare.

I’m happy this car has found an owner that will both cherish it for what it is, but ensure it is used as well.

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