TS Drift Days – February ’18

As always, Mondello Park pulls no punches when it comes to winter weather. It was, as is per usual, f*cking baltic!

It wasn’t until I’d made the majority of my early journey towards northern Kildare that I realised just how cold it had been and upon my arrival to the Republic’s only designated racetrack, I was met with a crisp breeze and an icy surface.


With the help of a lot of caffeine I made my way uneasily to the briefing room where I met a cold looking Tommy Smith, the organiser of this series of events that have become a real constant over the last year or two.


If you’re not familiar with the format, thirty cars, open pit, half day and what is likely to be the most seat time you will manage at any event in Ireland


A decent turnout given the conditions. That appears to be another constant in this country, the commitment to turn up, no matter what the weather which is a real testament to the guys driving


My buddy Mikey was on hand with his period-correct AE86. I’ve got a real appreciation for this guy and his sense of style


The fact hes maintaining and driving this car all year round whilst being a college student goes to show that you don’t need the world to have a good looking car


On the topic of good looking cars, this competition spec PS13 was sporting some really nice Origin Labo products which is not something we see here everyday.


There was also a JZ-Powered FD RX-7 present which looked to be a real handful


Not to be forgotten was this relatively standard looking Altezza that had some forced induction powering it around the circuit


Hats off to Tommy once more for pulling off a super successful, laid back event that everyone can enjoy!

Additional Images:

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