TS Drift Days – December ’17

You’ve probably never heard of this series of drift days at Mondello Park. Just to clarify, its held on a week day, just thirty cars permitted and its only a half day!

Christ, I make that sound horribly unappealing


Anyway, myself and some mates had attended some previous days and had been planning this day out for a while, a Friday. We made the usual pilgrimage to Mondello Park on a pretty cold but fresh morning and given the harsh weather conditions of the week previous the start time was pushed out to 11 O’Clock

An excuse for a day off?!

Normally, I’m pretty excited going to any event in Mondello. But taking a day off work? That calls for a somewhat special occasion


If you haven’t seen Sean’s JZX81 at this stage I implore you to find him on Instagram (@JZX8Sean) and don’t be upset if you dribble uncontrollably for hours, we’ve all been there


I’ve laid eyes on this car twice before this track day and both occasions were in his driveway where the car had been sat for some time


I was delighted to see him get out and enjoy the car properly for the first time in a long while. He’s also not afraid to keep the shoe down


Until I get a full feature on this glorious machine, you’ll have to make do with these photos


The Usual Suspects

Not to be outdone, some of the other guys made a great showing at the event too


Jamie’s E36 Compact always puts a smile on my face


A fun, reliable car that he’s really starting to get to grips with


Aaron put his great driving skills to the test too!

There seems to be a constant stream of similar drivers turning up to these events. This red FC RX7 has been at a number of the days


As has the ‘Carrick Karting’ S14

Real Grassroots!

A lot of the ‘Grassroots Drifting’ series’ in Ireland seemed to have dried up or elevated to new heights and the understated nature of this event is what really appeals to me. The majority of the guys who rock up are nice people and will help you out if they can


This is mostly down to the discretion of the organizer, Tommy Smith. Tommy’s a genuine guy who often runs his own car at the same event, something I don’t envy as running an event brings its own stresses


It might sound contradictory, but I hope this day doesn’t pick up pace and it retains its understated nature as its one of the few remaining true grassroots events on the calendar



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