Honda Day Ireland – Track Day

Personally, I could talk about Honda’s for hours with the right group of guys. Luckily, Friday 6th October presented such an occasion

I read something recently that stated, ‘For a long time Honda’s had the worst reputation imaginable in Ireland. They became the poster car of the ‘boy racers’


In reality, those who gave the Honda’s this reputation have since moved on, leaving the genuine Honda fans to build their perfect examples. Some of the cars being built here at the moment are among the best that have ever been seen on Irish shores.’


That, to me, is the perfect definition of the current state of the Honda community here. Some of the cars I’ve had the privilege of seeing recently are some of the most impressive cars this island has to offer full stop


Plenty of those cars were on show at Mondello Park on Friday, with a wide array of Chassis’. The usual suspects were on show and some interesting builds I hadn’t seen before


Ireland, in comparison to Japan, Europe etc. has a small population of people, yet you know never quite know what you might find lurking in a pit garage


A K20 swapped EG pushing over 300BHP and close to 200 lb/ft of torque! Something you might not expect to see


Actually, the number of K-Swaps nearly outweighed the number of B-Series powered cars on display


Honda’s, for me, embody something to me that no other manufacturer can. There’s a genuine satisfaction knowing that a revvy little 1600 can match or outrun all sorts of drivetrains and chassis’


Something worth pondering…..

Full album is available here:

Additional Photos:

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